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As a collector of fine furnishings and antiques, I found Lin as the one person I can trust for best restoration results. And I live in Cleveland, Ohio! Creative. Knowledgeable. And talented. That’s Lin.

When we purchased a 19th Century Setee Loveseat at an auction, we searched far and wide for the right person to restore it. That was Lin. With her creative touch and here immense resource of time period coverings she turned the ordinary into an extraordinary showpiece! And we live in Cleveland.

Like pickers, we travel the countryside looking for unique furnishings and collectables. When restoration is called for... we call Lin. She’s more that a restoration specialist, she’s a true artist!

Mr. Pavan

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Antiques Antiques and Antique Antiques
Located in Bedford County, at 238 East Pitt Street, Bedford, Pennsylvania, Linís Touch of Elegance handles all sizes of restoration and repair work from individual pieces to large volume orders for restaurants, schools, libraries, convention centers and government agencies.

How may we help you?

Professional Stripping, Refinishing, Restoration
Caning, Wicker Repair, Upholstery
Trunk Restoration
Interior Design Services
Inquiries from Interior Designers are welcome!
Written Appraisal Service ē Emergency Calls
Pickup/Delivery ē Financing Available

Linís also offers Antiques Antiques and more Antiques! Please e-mail or call 814-977-2594 with any questions or special requests.

There’s old furniture and antique furniture old and rustic.
Some antiques are garbage, held on by the impression that maybe they are worth some money. Some antiques are worth money, but look like garbage because someone doesn’t want to risk having the piece lower in value. Shouldn’t a trained professional decide?

Let’s get those pieces to match in color.
Antiques have that appeal that will never disappear, but some antiques should be traded out to get a better design feel for your space that you want to make beautiful. So send in your pictures, we don’t mind taking a look at your beauties, maybe we can work out a deal.

An antique for sale by Antique Dealers
For some antiques are just "stuff that is old" for some a memory of a loved one, we know the difference and treat each piece with care.

Shop Antique Stores and Antique Shops in Bedford
Also in the town our shop is located, there are many antique stores in the area, so if you feel like making a day out of it, stop on in for directions to some of the treasured locations near by.

Shop in an Antique Building
Our Antique Building was originally Fyan Drug Store in 1805

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