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About Lin’s Touch of Elegance

Since 1987, Linís has provided expert refinishing, repair and restoration of antique furniture. Lin works with insurance adjusters and individuals to bring back to life furniture that has been damaged by smoke, fire, water or neglect. We can handle all sizes of restoration and repair work from individual pieces to large volume orders for restaurants, schools, convention centers and government agencies.

Linís Touch of Elegance is recognized as one of the premiere antique furniture shops on the east coast. Through our shop in historic Bedford, Pennsylvania and this website, we present a large and varied selection of high quality period items.

About Lin

Lin is a vibrant young woman with dynamic energy and enthusiasm that crosses over into her work. Lin has helped hundreds of people with their furniture restoration and home decorating needs. Her quick mind snatches the customerís idea, making it come alive as she feeds it with her own creative input.

"When customers come in to the shop, I say 'Talk to me.' Do you want to put the piece in a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, or corner of a living room? I need to know desired location, room type, and its function to help me generate the best options for your needs."

- Lin Finnegan

Interior Design

Lin is always looking to purchase those unique pieces that make her decorating ideas and designs the ones that make you feel at home no matter what the occasion. The antiques Lin uses gives the designs a more personal touch. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Complimentary Consultation: Consultations are 30-40 minutes long and are scheduled with Lin. In the consultation we will discuss what you would like help with and what you are interested in learning. We will then go over our observations, suggestions for helping you and tell you how we would work with you.

The purpose of the consultation is for you to get a better idea of who we are and if we would be a good match for you. Consultations are free of charge and are held at our store in Bedford. Call 814-977-2594 email to schedule a complimentary consultation with no commitment required.

Method of Stripping

We use a flow over system that uses a nylon bristled brush. The chemicals flow through the brush and cleans the furniture. Then the furniture is rinsed with lacquer thinner. Within 20-30 minutes it’s ready to finish. Very little sanding needs done.

Written Appraisals

Whats it WORTH ? How can I SELL IT ?

Simple questions do not always have simple answers, but knowing the market value of your antiques, fine art and jewelry is important for many reasons. Whether you are looking for an appraisal for insurance or estate purposes, or you wish to sell part or all of your collection, or you are looking for the piece that will finish off your collection, Lins antique appraisals is the right choice. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience buying, selling and appraising antiques for the one of the worldís leading art and antiques galleries, Linís knowledge of the fine arts and antiques industry makes her uniquely qualified to handle valuations of single works or entire estates, including contemporary contents. Linís long tenure as a sales consultant and curator make her a valuable resource when you are considering the purchase or sale of an antique or piece of art. She brings a professional, inside perspective on the market and the process of disbursing or procuring antiques and fine art.

Why choose Lins Touch of Elegance to do your Appraisals?

More than 20 years of experience buying, selling and appraising antiques
Consultations are offered to help you determine "What's it Worth?" and "Where can I sell it?"
Professional appraisals for valuation, estate planning or insurance purposes
Appraisals are offered on single pieces or entire estates
Appraisals can be conducted in person or by using photographs
Consultations are offered for furniture appraisals.

Free consultations are available

Large Volume Orders

We also can handle large volume orders for restaurants, schools, libraries, convention centers and government agencies. Not limited to those areas.


We offer furniture basics, furniture staining, furniture finishing, and furniture conditioning and care for your development, from furniture basics to an in depth study of different techniques. Offered as private lessons, group classes, group workshops, special events and on-site lessons and classes.

Need someone to be a guest speaker? Need something special for you event? Check out Lins Touch of Elegance. Learn on hand how to clean and condition furniture. Talk to me and tell me where you would like a presentation.

Lins can speak a half hour to an hour, tell her what you need, she can work around whatever.

Pay per month = $55 per lesson
Single lesson = $65 per lesson
Multiple lesson per week = $50 per lesson

We accept cash, check, Visa and Master Card. Please come with payment ready. (Checks payable to ďLins Touch of EleganceĒ) Payment is needed in advance.

Please note that there will be an additional charge due to travel time, which is determined on a person by person basis. We do not accept insurance for lessons but are happy to provide you receipts for your lessons if you would like to pursue reimbursement directly through your insurance carrier. We are available during regular business hours. We will work together to set up a lesson time that is right for you. To ensure that a lesson time is available, we recommend that you schedule your lessons as early as possible. If you will be late for your lesson, please call to notify us and we will try to accommodate if scheduling allows. However, please be aware that your lesson may be cut short. We request 24 hours notice for a cancellation. This allows us to reschedule the hour for another student. Students who do not give us 24 hour notice will not be reimbursed for there lesson fee.


In pick up and deliveries we do what it takes to complete the job by selecting the vehicle(s) or trailer depending on the volume, along with the number of workers and sometimes myself to insure the customer of what we are doing. In large jobs I usually want the customer to come down and see that everything meets their specifications from color of stain to hardware and repairs To save time and keeps us all on the same page.

Usually for delivery their is 1 to 2 workers depending if their is help on the other end for delivery. The workers get the work order signed for approval and receive the check. We offer Pickup and Delivery for up to 100 Miles @ $3 per mile. THANKS SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOU AND YOUR NEEDS.


We understand that in todayís economy, it may be more difficult for some people to afford some of the services we offer. For this reason, we provide many excellent choices including 0% interest plans for customers who wish to finance their services at Lins.

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