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Stripping & Refinishing
Lin’s Touch of Elegance handles wood furniture stripping and refinishing jobs from one piece to hundreds. If you are looking for an experienced professional to bring your heirloom back to its original glory, Lin’s is the place.

Talk to me, let me know your needs.
With free estimates, convenient pickup and delivery services and personalized service, you can be confident that you and your furniture will be treated right. Looking for references? Read our partial list of unsolicited testimonials sent in by customers.

In addition to the stripping and refinishing of all types of wood furniture,
Lin’s also restores architectural components including doors, banisters and shutters. Lin’s also specializes in trunk repairs and restorations. If your furniture needs recaning, splint, rush, wicker repair or reupholstered, Lin’s can provide expert service in all these areas as well.

We have an average turn around time of two weeks.

Metal stripping - lawn furniture, beds single/double, etc
Clock Frames (wood) strip and refinish / repairs to Grand Father Clocks
Sewing Machines - from veneer/paint metal base - strip and refinish
   also carry leather Round belts and polish sewing machine
Picture Frames - matting to wood, refinishing with acid free backs

Would you like to know more about our flow over system?
Do you have a trunk?
What would you like to do with it?
Is it a heirloom from the past?
Does it strike your interest for uniqueness and style?

When you answer these questions you can now get started on what you want me to do:

Lets start with the outside we now see if it’s canvas or metal or wood.
Then we determine colors and repairs to bring back to the way it was originally; from rollers on the bottom to color or handles (brown or black).
Then comes the lock and latches also fancy metal rosette and corners.
Now we move to the inside of the trunk. The choices are 1 of 3: Plywood (birch or oak), Wallpaper, or material.
Next we need to know a theme.
I also need to know if you want a tray, if you have one or need one made they are usually stained to match the outside of the trunk slats on the exterior. I always suggest that you get one made while we have it at the shop. This works better that dragging it back and forth if you decide on a tray. It can always be stored under a bed or in a closet until you are ready to use it for those neat small things that can get lost in the shuffle. Trays are great for those keepsakes that are dear to the heart or those pictures that you look for and never can find.
What is the trunks use for; storage at the foot of a bed for blankets, pillow cases or sheets. Some people use them for coffee tables in front of the couch with glass on the top to set glasses. Also, used for children’s toy boxes for toys to keep them in one location.
Even used for hunting items that never seem to be found when that special day comes once a week each year. I also have some books that help me determine their age this sometimes help.
Remember that back in the day this was the only thing they had when they were moving from one place to another.
I also carry a supply of trunks that you can purchase for those special gift ideas for that friend that wants to keep the past alive.
I am so glad that you chose me to keep a part of the past alive -God Bless

Lin’s Touch of Elegance has a line of upholstery fabric from a complete selection of 50 Books towards completing the job. Lin listens to the needs of her customers and gives them choices to make it the way they want. Lin is there to meet the needs of the customer with talent and experience.

Hand Caning or Pressed in Caning
A hand caning takes alot of time to do, because there are 7 steps to it. Pressed in caning takes the piece and spine, and of course you have to take the old stuff out first, but we do a lot of caning.

Wicker repair depends on the piece and what kind of wicker we need like wire pieces or the wire goes up throu a piece that is wraped and it acts like a guide, and then you would weave your piece over and under it.

Rush is wraped paper and it comes in different sizes and pound or 2 pound packs, and it just gets woven together.

Splint is a flat piece of wood that comes in different widths, the most popular weave is harring bone, but we have also done other weaves with diamonds and so forth.

Furniture Repair
Custom repairs to fit the time frame it was made (Wood parts needed & made)
Lamp rewire and repairs and polish and clear coat
Veneer jobs from repairs to replaced tops/sides and finish
Mirror Replacements and glass for the tops of furniture to preserve areas
Those boxes of wood pieces that was furniture NOW brought back to Life
Victrola Repairs and Refinishing
Replacement hardware on stock (or) can order

Custom Work
Design work for that 1 special spot in your home
Condition Furniture in the homes As Needed
Make table leaves (real wood) to fit table for that extra spaces needed
Paint Patio Furniture and Home pieces
Copper Boilers - Polish
Copper Kettles - Polish
Design building furniture for that special fit area needed & purpose

Rug Repair
Braided and Plated Rugs

Fire & Water Restoration
Can we help?? When faced with the situations of problems with water damage. Where do we start? Who can help ease the pain & cure the situation & save the water damamged pieces? From water on the top to submerged in water coming up through the base of the piece. We can Help!!

For those fire or smoke jobs they can be stripped & refinished to get the smell out of the wood.

Whatever the case can be we will be there for you to help save those family pieces & help you through the rough times that you are facing. Remember we are only a phone call away. We care and we want to help.

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